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Our Process

Lakeview Pool Fencing will customize your pool fence to fit your backyard to ensure safety while giving you the best layout to suit your family's needs to give you optimal use of your backyard. Our fences & gates are all ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) approved. Our pool fences and gates are carefully designed by ASTM F-2286 Standards to keep families safe.  

Clearview Mesh

This pool fence is the most transparent in the industry. The mesh is twist-knotted together for durability, and the poles are spaced 36" apart for visibility. The fences come in gray, black, beige & brown options. Other colors are available for an additional custom cost. 

Pool Fencing Poles

The poles are carefully constructed using non-corrosive, rust-proof XT-6000™ fully reinforced aluminum designed for strength and longevity. 

The pins used to place the poles in the ground are only 1/2" in diameter. With the placement sleeve, the hole that will be drilled into your ground is only 5/8", creating discreet evidence of a fence should you choose to remove it. Caps for each hole are provided to prevent the holes from filling with dirt and sediment. 

Safety Lock

Each gate is equipped with a D&D Technologies ® Magnetic Safety Latch. This latch is key lockable to provide added security at the entrance of the fence. 

Self-Closing Gate

The self-closing gate swings shut behind you every time you exit or enter for another added security element. The gate swings shut with a spring-loaded self-closing gate that latches shut. 

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